Olivia is an actor, writer, and improviser based in New York City.  She's performed for just her plants (those dear friends) to thousands of people (those poor dears.) She'd like to perform lots more, and she'd like to have lots more plants.  

Olivia is the girl next door - to the girl next door.  She's the girl several doors down, the girl who hosts a game show about Biscuits and who has finally found her niche as "Girl who is Eating".    For whatever reason Olivia is repeatedly cast as a character who eats at some point in the script.

Outside of eating, Olivia loves to tackle any role she can get her hands on. She loves improv and plants.



"Being onstage with Olivia Wardwell is like being onstage with an insane angel."

- Luke Beavers, co-star in Anything Goes, in which she played Bonnie


Olivia is currently in NYC.  You can catch her improvising with Goliath on Fridays at 9:30 pm at The Armory and performing sketch with her team Parachute Pants.